Burpees for Boobies




So it’s CrossFit competition season here in South Texas – a lot of the big competitions (besides Fittest Games) here in the San Antonio area are coming up in the next few months and it’s pretty awesome to see people at my box getting into competitions who have never tried it before.  Me and a few friends have signed up for Burpees for Boobies in Austin since the mega-popular team competition Duality here in San Antonio sold out in (seriously) two minutes.  So I’ve been upping my CrossFit game a bit (and because of previously posted-about running “break”) – they’ve released the first three workouts (with the final TBA) which has given us a good idea of what we need to work on:


Workout 1

40 Wall balls (20/14)

Power cleans(65/95)

25 burpee buy out


Workout 2

2 RM Front Squat
7 Min Cap with as many attempts as need within the time frame


Workout 3

Buy in with 3 laps around main mall with Kettlebell (estimate 250-300m per lap)
Then as many reps as possible of
-10 Single arm Kettlebell G2O (20 Kg/16 Kg)
-30 Double unders


So the areas of The Suck here are (in order of suckiness for me):

  1. Toes-to-bar
  2. 3 laps w/kettlebell (awkward weight much?)
  3. Wall balls


65 pound power cleans and 35 pound ground-to-overhead are easy money for me, which means I would need to absolutely slaughter these events to have any chance at doing well at this competition.  Not really sure what kind of participation this event will have, so I have no clue as to the level of competition I’ll have here (but you can always count on a few people in the scaled division who should be competing Rx…)




So, this is my own personal kryptonite.  I hate them.  I’m heavy.  They’re hard.  What the hell is that guy’s feet doing in the second part of that image.  So many complaints.  I’ve never been able to string together t2b – I’ve always had to do one, stop, reset, do another, stop, reset, do another, etc.  So I’ve been working on it.  Yesterday one of the guys at my box instructed me to “push away from the bar when coming up” which helps the swing back down progress back into another rep.  I gave him what I thought was a skeptical look – it was during the WOD, so it was probably more like a “I’m dying right now” look – and went back to my crappy planking before I had another round of T2B to do.  Then I hopped on the bar and did five in a row.  It was like freaking magic.  My hands were and still are pissed off, but that shit happened and even though nobody saw it, IT HAPPENED.


So there’s that.  I seriously need to work more on them, because I want to be able to do all the t2b unbroken at the competition (so 12 at least) since doing the power cleans at 65 pounds will be easy.  So the goal for right now is to try and bring my front squat 2 rep max up as high as possible (I’m at a 185 1 rep right now, not sure about 2 rep) and to kill the wall balls and t2b.  I also need to figure out what the most efficient way to carry a kettlebell during a run is.  (Crap…)


This was mostly a bit of a ramble.  Today’s training fun:

1 Arm Alternating Kettlebell Swings
3 x 12 (35#, 44#, 53#)

5 x Power Clean (110#)
5 x Handstand Push Ups (used ab-mat)
20 x Double Unders
Score: 7 Rounds + 5 PC

Also I kipped my first HSPUs today.  BOOM.