Getting Started


So, this is my first blog post here.  Jumping right into it quickly:  I like to run and lift weights, and I try to do way too many things.  I signed up for my first 50k trail race a few days ago, I’m training for an undetermined triathlon, I compete in CrossFit, I have ADD.  Done.  You should have the general idea that I’m a bit ridiculous by now.

So, the triathlon bug is a super recent bug I have been bitten by.  I bought a cool tri bike off Craigslist after trying my hand in the pool a couple of times (I’m in the Navy, I can’t swim – stick that in your pipe and smoke it) and took the bike out for a spin with a friend.  (Ironic note: After I bought my bike my friend gently informed me that triathlon season is in fact over, so I guess no pressure involved at this point.)

Another thing you should know about me: sometimes I fall down.  To prevent the inevitable falling down and being squashed by one of the monster trucks that are a dime a dozen here in Texas, we rode on one of the local paved trails that goes all through the city.  I’ve never ridden a bike with clipless pedals before, so I panicked and asked everyone for advice.  Everyone told me to accept my fate of falling over onto my face and move on with my life.  So boom, I fall down.  I have this sweet tri bike I can’t take out onto the street because I will fall down and go boom because getting out of clipless pedals is a witchcraft that I have yet to master.


Those are not my manly hands, but my husbands’.

So today I decided to take the bike out for a semi-car populated adventure.  A friend is out of town and has a veritable zoo’s worth of pets that require feeding, and being that she lives only about 3 miles away, I decided to bravely venture out and bike the trip.  Every single intersection where I would be potentially forced to unclip and come to a stop was a prompt for total crazy panic in my brain.  Just total freaking the hell out.  There’s one insanely steep hill on the way up there that I tried really hard to vanquish, but halfway up I was going so slow that my mind was like “HEY YOU’RE GOING REALLY SLOW YOU’RE GOING TO FALL DOWN FALL DOWN FALL DOOOWN” so I unclipped in defeat and walked it up in shame…walking around in cycling shoes with awkward cleats is a walk of shame if I’ve ever taken one.

So that was a thing.

But I made it there and back in one piece, obeyed traffic laws like a good law-abiding cyclist, and managed to not get run down by the disgruntled motorists who were passing me by on the way back.  I barely managed to hold on to my sanity as I sped DOWN aforementioned hill – thought it was going to be fun, was treated to terror instead – but still managed to clip out and obey the stop sign in a timely fashion as I reached the bottom.  So all that, on top of not falling down, was a success.  So basically this was a long story about not falling down.  I’m hoping to fit a fair amount of cycling into my routine this fall/winter, and to hit up a few duathlons in the process.


5k Run – 26mi Bike – 5k Run – am I ready for this?

The Natural Bridge Caverns du is December 08th, and is pretty rad because the run starts in the cavern.  So I guess I’ve been bitten by the duathlon bug instead of the triathlon bug, and judging by the amount of suffering my last brick workout (cycling followed immediately by a run for maximum jelly legs, for those of you not nerding out over triathlon training) I am probably going to love it.


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